Get Rich Quick Scheme!

The most common question I see in the world of entrepreneurship is “How do I get rich quick?”. The number one answer is “you don’t” and rightfully so that should be the answer.

A true get rich quick scheme…

Many people all want a get rich quick scheme where they can go from $0 to millions over night. That’s because everyone wants the success but no one wants to work for it. That’s where the 1% separate themselves from the 99% because they are willing to work for their success. I’ll give you the best get rich quick scheme out there! Wake up, make a to-do list, finish the list, read, and work towards something that will bring you success. This should bring you greater success in 5-10 years than you could’ve imagined. One thing that I hoped you noticed is the time frame is 5-10 years. Clearly that’s not very fast but if you work the same amount of time you spend trying to figure out how to “get rich quick” then you just might make it to the goals you set. The biggest thing you can do to help yourself “get rich” is to never stop gaining knowledge. Knowledge is power and you should never stop learning! One thing about money is it is always evolving and there is always a new way for you to make money. If you are able to be one of the first people that knows about that form of income then you’ll most likely come across great success! If you take away anything from this blog, I strongly recommend gaining knowledge every single day! Ultimately, there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme unless you like to gamble, then head down to the casino and test your luck.

How to actually get rich…

There are two types of people on Earth, one spends their whole lives trying to figure out how to get rich, the other spends their whole lives executing the way of getting rich. The difference is people who are rich spend their time working hard but smart. They have gained so much knowledge over time that they know exactly what to work on and when to do it and for how long to do it. They know how to make money work for them, not just have themselves work for money. That’s the true key, figuring out how to get money to work for you even when you aren’t working. As soon as you start making money while you sleep is the moment you are truly making moves towards being rich. Through all of this, you have to be able to keep your true character. If you are your true self more people will be willing to work with you which in turn will bring you more wealth. If you aren’t yourself and you put on a “mask” before you go to work every day, people will notice and they will never do business with you again. People are smart and they don’t like being fooled, therefore you shouldn’t try fooling them. If they don’t want to work with you for who you are then consider yourself lucky or else the business relationship would’ve been miserable. Ultimately, people need to get off this mindset of a get rich quick scheme. Instead, they need to stop looking for a get rich quick scheme and they need to put their head down and start working hard and then their dreams will come true!

In Conclusion…

There’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. The sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be! So start working extra hard today, don’t let other people tell what’s a good or bad idea, and most importantly never stop chasing your dreams! Life’s too short to not be doing something that you love.

Nathan Inhof



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